First of all, you may agree that living in cold area of man’s suits must be very cold. This is a very straightforward way, although sometimes logic does not always stand up to scrutiny. In short, you may not know Canada average minimum winter temperature was-15.4 ° c, but canada goose jacket toronto certainly probably knows that winter is always white.

Second, the “Canada” made means that manufacturing is not a country. Almost all the big names of the industry chain is designed in the West, manufacturing in the East, they are designed and manufactured in the Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant, goose is a Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant, Mao is also in Maple Leaf Chinese Restaurant pick. Canada’s industrial base, how to make clothes feel very cool is not important, I need to show that is the attitude, since called “Canada geese”, it must be in Canada. (You may note that their logo is not a goose, so must dip edges, right? )

In fact there is a 3rd, but I’m afraid most people get less. Although not as well-known as windbreaker originates in rotting, but Canada is really “Parker coat” the birthplace of this. Canada geese from Canada, historically is also possible.

Parker coat (“Parker” or “anorak”) is a coat with Hat, hat edges or seams in a circle usually hair or artificial hair. Hat’s role is mainly to protect the face, against the cold and wind. This dress is the earliest Canada caribou Inuit (“The Caribou Inuit”, living in Canada in the General term for five separate tribes in the northern part) inventions, they obtained from the hunting of reindeer or seal skins sewn such a winter coat, wore for hunting or boating, to withstand the Arctic cold.

Also add a point here, Canada Goose parka coat are very famous, almost no mainstream advertising brand, you’ll never see it advertised on the Town Center Mall. This looks like a very provincial, don’t have to advertise to sell so many clothes. But, but! If you set them in Canada plant and labor costs, understood as their marketing expenditure is not difficult to understand. Regardless of which of these inputs in the company report canada goose outlet toronto was written in a bar, when Word of mouth Canada goose refers to “It’s made in Canada”, that is, when this investment is accounted for in the marketing expenditures. This may be the legendary, marketing do go.

Red label

Down jackets as well as wellies, coat or even, to becoming urban street fashion, you also need to meet certain conditions, and this condition is enough to make a person feel wearing it, his very fashionable. There is a phrase canada goose parka mystique called in Cantonese “Aqua Rose City”, your city, there was a temple to prove your status. For wear items, nothing more simple and crude than an eye-catching logo declared your tastes.

Canada goose jacket sale, striking red, white and blue logo, is an indispensable link in the underground market. Although this identity is not only (have) no geese, even one the goose feather, and is “fabrication”–the second generation of cucumber and David Reiss in the 1980 ‘s to imitate the real transformation of the canada goose parka red Antarctic expedition crest. This logo is not sexy at all, it is difficult to describe, mainly in order to emphasize the feeling of polar and cold, the early operations of the marketing canada goose jackets strategy of the brand is visible again, really not for you people.

In order to better sell clothes Canada goose also developed a very Internet thinking “TEI” system, used to describe a dress suit at what temperature and wear. A geek in the whole, quite consistent with the male aesthetic. |? Canada Goose website screenshots


Canada goose’s design and development canada goose parka langford Vice President Spencer Orr described it saying, “temperature which, in fact, of no fixed standards. As long as I can always tell customers, under what temperature they should be wearing our products, I can always sell out. “In other words, Canada goose sale instead of down coats, rather than” intended use “.

Because the brand positioning, canada goose parka for man always adhere to the big investment in practicality, from design to mass production is not a stylish new coat look, time can be up to 14 months. Anyway, their production inputs also in marketing. (Then again, on warm, you really do care about you canada goose jacket outlet look enough fashion? Face is very beautiful, but at the same time claiming very warm coat, wouldn’t you wonder manufacturers have research expenses spent on the place now? )

This Volvo is trying to convey to the owners feel very similar. How many people really get into very serious traffic accidents? But who wants in front of the accident in a strong (though very unlikely), so you need a can absolutely ensure the safety of your car: Volvo, cars all over the world not so much air that they will protect you.

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